Ysé D.
Talent Acquisition Manager
Job Category Recruitment

About Ysé

Key Experiences

Boldness & curiosity always bring you to the top
I have always worked in the business world, seeking to meet challenges with high objectives that would allow me to progress. After discovering recruitment during a successful internship in a consulting firm, I realized that it was also one of the main factors for a company's growth, not only financially but also organically. I seized the opportunity to work in one of Berlin's most successful start-ups to further develop my negotiation and problem-solving skills before moving to Spain as a Talent Acquisition Manager at Amaris. I now manage a team of 8 people who provide recruitment services to 30 business developers.

Current Position

Managing a team of 8 for the Life Science business line in Europe
I started working at Amaris in July 2017 with 2 interns, working mainly on the engineering profile for the French market. Despite some difficult challenges during the first 6 months, we succeeded in building a relationship of trust with the business team. In 2018, we were able to expand our scope to include Belgium, Spain and Switzerland. Today, I manage eight people, and I have even more countries in my scope, namely Germany and Austria.
My role is to develop and coordinate the recruitment strategy with a team of interns and full-time employees. We take care of the recruitment process as a whole: sourcing, interviews, follow-up, and much more! We consider ourselves a true business partner for our client.

Main Motivations

Learning by doing
As a fast-growing company, we don't always have training or process on how to run things. The good point is: you can experiment every way of reaching your goal! Your managers are always here to help and guide you, of course, but at the end of the day, you will be able to experiment, try, search, develop all the paths to success. Best way to learn: never be afraid of making mistakes.

Top Advice

Be honest and humble !
It's normal not to know everything, but it's never normal to lie! Your recruiter wants the real you, and most of the time, trust and honesty are part of a company's DNA. When you don't know something, look for the answer: it will increase your knowledge and show your curiosity!

Greatest Achievement

Building a team of passionate recruiter


Amaris is an independent, international Technologies and Management Consulting Group. Created in 2007, Amaris is already established in over 50 countries and supports more than 750 clients worldwide throughout their project's lifecycle. Our expertise covers five areas of innovation: Business and Management, Information Technologies, Engineering and High Technologies, Telecommunications and Biotech and Pharma. With more than 65 offices across the world, the Group offers proximity support to its clients in all their locations and many opportunities of international careers for employees.

In 2018, Amaris aims to reach a turnover of 260 million euros, 5000 employees and to develop its workforces with the anticipation of a further 2000 new job openings. We expect to triple our workforce within the next few years and reach a leading international position in independent consulting.

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