Ugo P.
Regional Finance Manager
Job Category Finance
Country Spain
School Audencia
City Barcelona

About Ugo

Key Experiences

Started as an accountant at 19 and am now Regional Finance Manager
I first started in 2014 with a one year internship in London as a Junior Administrative and Finance Officer for UK, Canada an Luxembourg and had to learn all the basics of the job (accounting, controlling, treasury, hr) and understand the ecosystem of Amaris in depth.

Then I decided to come back after the end of my studies for 2 different reasons : the incomparable trust relations that I had developed with my managers during my internship, and the amazing opportunity to start as an Administrative and Finance Manager (AFM) in the Barcelona offices for Portugal and Brazil.
This second experience was completely different from the first one since Amaris had already changed a lot in 1 year!

I then started a 2 year VIE (IVB) as a Senior AFM and started to focus on some entities of the group that would have specific business models and became responsible for the post-M&A integrations for Finance.

Today I'm Regional Financial Manager and I have a team of AFMs who work daily with me on a diverse and interesting range of topics.

Current Position

I act as a business partner and a back office manager
On a daily basis I am the single point of contact for our Regional Chief Operating Officers (RCOOs) : for all financial matters, they will give me a call to discuss or solve a situation.

At the same time I have my management role and coach the back office. My job is similar to the one of an orchestra conductor : I need to put people in movement, lead them, control the quality and performance of our production and make sure that the objectives and vision are aligned.

Today my main focus is the quality of the service of my department.

Main Motivations

To be a real support for the business
My scope is currently made up of entities of Amaris Group that have a business model slightly different to the original Amaris model.
Therefore, I am constantly asked to work on the modelling of business plans and trying to optimise processes, such as treasury management for example. When I deliver work, I notice how useful it is to a director or a business unit manager to have these tools.
Having this key role in the organization and being in close contact with the front and the back office is definetly what I enjoy the most about my current position.

Top Advice

Keep an open mind
Curiosity and openness are the two keys to success in your career.
Curiosity will bring you knowlegde, visibility, understanding and efficiency in your job and career evolution.
Openness will ensure that you seize all the opportunities that come your way and will bring you a richer set of skills over time.

Greatest Achievement

The integration in Amaris Group of a company we acquired
Two years ago Amaris boosted its external growth strategy.
One of the acquisitions, a startup, had a completely different business model and I was given the responsibility to integrate it into the Group concerning processes, tools, teams, values.
It triggered a significant change in the Group mindset since it opened the door to new ways of managing a company and to new ways of executing the different finance processes.
Two years later, this startup made a considerable growth and is now a performant asset to the Group. I am still in charge of it.


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