Travis A.
Analyst, Health Economics And Market Access
Job Category HEMA
Country Canada
City Toronto

About Travis

Key Experiences

Out of the lab and into consulting: driving pharmaceutical impact
My educational background is deeply rooted in science, with both a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Microbiology and Immunology from McGill University. My thesis focused on pre-clinical research assessing the host inflammatory response to intestinal infection. Although this was interesting and challenging, it was difficult at times to see the bigger picture and a direct impact of my work. As such, I decided to pursue a Master of Management of Innovation degree at the University of Toronto. This program is an accelerated business program for students with a science and engineering background, and allowed me to further develop my business acumen and strategic thinking.

I have been with Amaris for almost a year and a half now as an analyst on the Health Economics and Market Access (HEMA) team in Toronto. I consider myself fortunate to have found this opportunity as it uniquely combines my interest for business and science and allows me to continue to pursue my goals.

Current Position

I lead projects aimed at bringing drugs to market to achieve access
The primary clients for our department are pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We support our clients and their strategic decisions from early product development through to ultimate market access. A key objective of our group is to help our clients prove the value of their product(s) among the current competitive landscape. Classical projects include real-world evidence generation and synthesis studies, economic evaluations to determine cost-effectiveness and budget impact, and health technology assessment (HTA) submission dossiers in an attempt to gain reimbursement by both public and private payers. Although my focus is currently on the Canadian market, working at Amaris gives me the opportunity to support clients at both a national and global level.

Main Motivations

Working in a dynamic environment that challenges me with opportunity
At the risk of sounding overly cliche, going to work is like hanging out with some friends (cue the "work hard, play hard" mentality). Nothing is better than solving tough problems with people you enjoy spending time with.

Trust, boldness, independence, and opportunity are some of the key pillars which drive our company. As a relatively new company that continues to grow and establish themselves across multiple industries at a remarkable place, the working environment is uniquely positioned to foster an entrepreneurial spirit backed by the resources of the entire group. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to take the knowledge and skills that I have obtained as part of my previous experiences, and be encouraged to apply them in a variety of new and challenging ways.

Top Advice

Be yourself, have fun, and trust that you can make an impact
What's the point of working if you aren't having at least a little fun?

Above all else, it is important to be yourself while having confidence in your abilities and motivation to achieve your goals. It is not strictly about what you have done before, but what you can do now. Relish the opportunity for change and do not be intimidated to break from what is safe and predictable..

Greatest Achievement

Watching a product I supported improve the lives of patients
It is incredibly rewarding to work on a file (especially a long one) and ultimately see the fruits of your labour. Seeing the direct impact of how we operate on a daily basis also helps to motivate me and keep the bigger picture during some of the more difficult aspects of a project.


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