Riccardo G.
Senior Manager, US Operations
Job Category Business
Country United States
School EDHEC

About Riccardo

Key Experiences

Started as fresh Graduate, ended up as Senior Manager for Digital & IT
Finishing my Masters in International Management only gave me the theory of what management is. Coming in to Amaris allowed me to put those theories in to practice. In fact, I ended up managing Consultants, Clients and Projects, sometimes at a multinational level.
I had the chance to deeply develop my soft skills for management purposes, as well as acquire some technical knowledge on what consultants are working on.
To conclude, meeting with C-Level people or clients' first line managers allows you to have a bigger picture of what or where companies are going, in order to anticipate future needs.

Current Position

I manage a team of consultants and clients to foster innovation
To better understand what I'm doing, you need to think of an entrepreneur with his startup.
My goal, at the beginning, was to match clients needs with our consultancy competencies. This means that not only you need to develop business, following your own strategies, but also recruit new candidates that will join your team and work on your projects. All these actions that you set up today, will give you positive or negative results in the future; for this reason, it's very important to have a long term concrete vision for your own business unit.
Today, my goal has changed; I'm in charge of what I created, my business unit, and I have to provide continuity to three main facets: maintaining a healthy financial balance, pursuing new interesting projects and promoting consultants' career.

Main Motivations

All results that you and your business unit could achieve are on you!
Even though you are working for a multinational company, you are the key player for yourself and your future team. This entrepreneurial approach allows you to make an impact on what you are working on; creativity, indeed, is the key to success as well as determination and patience.

Top Advice

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars
This is one of my favorite quotes and can be perfectly applied to the reality at Amaris. There is no truly limit of what you can aim to achieve here. If you have the ambition and the determination to build something great and extraordinary, we are able to give you the tools you'll need to achieve it, and this refers to all roles at Amaris.
Be careful though: you are the captain of your team, so it depends on you where you want to go and how you will acheive your goals. So listen and embrace others feedback, since they are the most helpful "tool" to understand if you are walking on the right path.

Greatest Achievement

Coaching people and see them having success makes this job incredible
It is great to see that what you created is enjoying success thanks to you. It gives you even more satisfaction to see other people that you coached achieving their professional goals. This demonstrates that you are able to obtain positive results not only for yourself but also for your team.


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