Julie M.
Senior Manager

About Julie

Key Experiences

From a mechanical engineer to a business manager in health care
While studying mechanical engineering, my university degree was fueled by extracurricular projects in events organisation, student politics, oratory debates and more.

Then, Amaris quickly caught my attention for the variety of projects I could work on as a consultant, the different sectors I could be involved in, the tailored career path and the possibility of international mobility. I soon moved to Toronto as a consultant, testing the new CBTC metro. There, I was exposed to the role of my manager, and I realised “Ok, that looks like a great role and exactly what I am looking for!”

Not only did I want to switch roles to become a manager, but I also wanted to relocate to Europe, more specifically London.

Current Position

Building client relationships & coaching new managers
So there we go, radical change of role, sector of activity and country! And you know what, it was a great choice. Now being in the health care sector, precisely in health economics and market access, I must say the learning curve has been great and kept me curious and I have fully immersed myself in this new domain.

After quite a fast-ride at the start, my role evolved to a senior manager position after just seven months. I now have the pleasure to coach and manage new managers coming in the team and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Main Motivations

The thrill of winning projects & having a positive impact on the team!
When I think about this question, I have three main motivators that come to mind instantly:
- Having a positive impact not only on my direct team and colleagues, but also on the organisation and how we evolve as a company.
- Being part of a great network and using that as a stepping stone to develop business.
- Last but not the least: The thrill of winning projects.

Top Advice

Know what you want, and especially what you don’t want
While going through interview processes, stay true to yourself, what you believe in and what you are seeking as a new opportunity. Be clear to your interviewer about what you want, what you don’t want and details that may affect your choice for accepting a new position.

Greatest Achievement

Acting as a catalyst to develop stronger links
Over and above business objectives, my greatest achievement is to be a catalyst between customers, passionate consultants working on the projects and other Amaris teams to develop more tailored, creative offers. And do so while understanding the reality and concerns of each party.


Amaris is an independent, international Technologies and Management Consulting Group. Created in 2007, Amaris is already established in over 50 countries and supports more than 750 clients worldwide throughout their project's lifecycle. Our expertise covers five areas of innovation: Business and Management, Information Technologies, Engineering and High Technologies, Telecommunications and Biotech and Pharma. With more than 65 offices across the world, the Group offers proximity support to its clients in all their locations and many opportunities of international careers for employees.

In 2018, Amaris aims to reach a turnover of 260 million euros, 5000 employees and to develop its workforces with the anticipation of a further 2000 new job openings. We expect to triple our workforce within the next few years and reach a leading international position in independent consulting.

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