Jeff T.
Senior Manager, Technology And Digital Practice
Job Category Business
Country Canada
City Toronto

About Jeff

Key Experiences

Writing about foreign affairs to leading an IT consulting practice.
I started off doing work in market strategy and attracting capital early on during university while taking a degree in Political Science and International Relations. Looking for work experience in the field of my study led me to become an editor for a non-profit affiliated with NATO. It was really slow paced! I knew I wanted something more dynamic and unpredictable, and I took a lot of inspiration from my father who is a serial entrepreneur. That led me to work in business development for tech startups before being contacted by Amaris who had, on the face of it, a completely insane proposition.

They wanted me to create a consulting practice that would form the basis of their competitive aspirations in Toronto. Me. Not somebody from a rival consulting firm, not an executive with 20 years of experience. They were willing to take a risk and let me take the wheel to develop the practice and compete against the IBMs and Deloittes of the world.

Of course I said yes and here we are today, determined to make a real difference in North America!

Current Position

Practice manager for the Toronto office of a global consulting firm.
I'm responsible for the growth, strategy, hiring, and operations for the business technology practice of Amaris in Toronto. What I do:

- Creation and sustained growth of a new business line for Amaris in a new region of the world.
- Talent acquisition and management of consultants with an 'intrapeneur' mindset.
- P&L Management and development of unique offers.
- Working with business lines around the world to develop and deliver concentrated, consistent offers for multinational clients.

Today we are mostly working in data analytics, mobile development, predictive analytics, digital transformation, and enterprise mobility & security.

Main Motivations

Freedom and a broad learning experience
The main thing about my job is that there is an immense amount of freedom and responsibility at the same time. I don't have to be at the office at 9 and leave after 5, but I frequently find myself working 50-60 hour weeks. The reason for that is simply each day can be an adventure crafted solely by yourself. I can speak to the CFO of a luxury brand in the morning and meet with a construction project manager in the evening. I can be discussing the use of AI in healthcare on Monday and talk about aerospace simulation on Friday. There are very few jobs on this earth that allow you to talk to colleagues that are developers, engineers, pharmacists, statisticians or analysts… All in one company.

Top Advice

Don't tunnel into just one opportunity
I was a really cocky kid in my final year of university. There hadn't been a single interview or opportunity that I had applied for that had rejected me So naturally, when I applied for a Master's program, I only chose my target - the Munk School of Global Affairs. Sent my application, closed my laptop, went on a trip, waited for the inevitable result to come in.

I was waitlisted. By then, it was too late to apply to other programs. The plan I had foreseen quickly turned into ashes before my eyes.

I think it's really easy to get stuck in the kind of thinking where only the thing directly in front of you is present in your mind. Whether it be failing a job interview, a first date, a competition, it's really easy to feel like you absolutely blew your one and only shot of success. But if there was that first shot, there will inevitably be another. Focusing too hard on one opportunity just makes you lose perspective. How do you know if it's your dream job if you haven't seen what other jobs look like?


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