Henri L.
Consultant & Tech Community Leader
Job Category IT
Country France
School CPE Lyon

About Henri

Key Experiences

From IS to business management to IS again!
For my whole life, I wanted to become a pilot. It turned out my eyes weren't good enough... When I got the bad news, I had done everything (education wise) to make my dream come true, so I decided to pursue studies in Engineering instead of becoming a pilot, and that's what I did!
During my studies I discovered what I was able to do: manage associations, move to the US for a year on my own for an internship, become a developer, work hard, come back to France to finish my studies and find my first job even before the end of my final year.
With a technical background, I chose to start doing business, I did this for 3 years before joining Amaris as a Manager.
Amaris has the power to let you develop good ideas and trusts in you. This is how, one year after my first day as a Manager, I had the opportunity to become a consultant.
I am now working at client sites, representing Amaris, and at the same time, working on several internal projects that I was lucky enough to be trusted with.

Current Position

Functional Project Manager and part-time Tech Community Leader
I work as a functional project manager at my client's premises.
I represent the know-how of Amaris in terms of project management by working in a very specific industry. I am required not only to be efficient in my tasks, but also to be able to manage all kinds of personalities, technical, non-technical (at all), field experts, etc.

At the same time I was able to launch very innovative internal projects for Amaris. I brought some new insights and am now responsible for bringing them to life!

Main Motivations

Applying geek techniques to accelerate collaboration
Even if I stopped "being a geek" for a while, I am still passionate about technologies, and methodologies (chaos engineering, pure agile way of thinking, etc...).
Trying to apply some of these concepts (because, let's be honest, some times it is actually very difficult) to projects that, at first, you would absolutely not manage like that is very satisfying and rewarding. People don't expect this, and expect the results that it could bring even less!

Top Advice

Adapt, listen, be friendly, and don't lie to yourself
I've already talked about adapting to the external events that can (will) happen. Yes, it is easier to say than to apply... I know. But sometimes, adapting is really just a matter of accepting change. You don't absolutely have to work on it, you just need to let it happen !
At work, the worst failures come mostly from bad communication. To try to avoid that, you must always listen, try to understand others, and always welcome other points of view with kindness. You disagree? Say it, but kindly, and propose an alternative, a compromise!
And finally, do what you love! I strongly believe in intrinsic motivation. It says that when you work on something you want to do, you do it better than something you don't want to do! Many projects like Wikipedia were born this way!

Greatest Achievement

My perspective of success is being happy!
Did you expect a professional achievement here? Sorry!
I love what I do at work and I'm not afraid to put a lot of time and energy to it!
But what I'm the proudest of is really to have managed to work and succeeded in following my dream!


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