Emil G.
Project Manager
Job Category IT
Country Italy
City Milan

About Emil

Key Experiences

As a tech guy committed to managing projects and who likes challenges
I spent a whole year at Georgia tech as a research student for my master thesis.
I wanted to integrate myself with people that think in different ways and that can challenge me.
I joined Amaris for its international environment and because it gives me the ability to meet and work with people from all over the world using the latest technologies.

Current Position

I manage end to end projects
I am responsible of the roadmapping and projects. I am the key point for the projects delivery acting as project manager on the complete developing cycle.

Main Motivations

Working with different people that have different backgrounds
In managing end to end projects, I deal with people that have different backgrounds (IT, logistics, marketing, AFC) from whom I learn a lot.

Top Advice

Have fun and be passionate, but also be serious and committed
If you don't like what you do it will be never be done well

Greatest Achievement

Being appreciated for what I do
I like when people thanks me for what I do. It make me feel proud of my job.


Mantu is an international group providing guidance and services to businesses and entrepreneurs. It has more than 6,500 people from 95 different nationalities, spread across 5 continents and more than 55 countries.
Mantu stands beside businesses and entrepreneurs to help them fulfil their dreams, achieve their ambitions and materialise their projects. Mantu bolsters their growth, enables their development and supports their transformation.
The group is composed of 11 Brands: 7 circles, Ace&Perry, A.D.R, amaris consulting, hrms consulting, inner action, JEF Label, Kobone, Little Big Connection, Portalia, SST Events Experiences, we mean.
At Mantu, we empower our Brands to focus on delivering customer-centric value propositions. Regardless of their expertise or the sector they operate in, all the Group’s Brands share a single mission: Building and nurturing the best talent community to achieve businesses’ and entrepreneurs’ ambitions.

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