Aurélien N.
International Mobility Officer & HRO

About Aurélien

Key Experiences

From University Lyon III to specialized in International Mobility Law
During my university studies, I used to work in the public administration (justice, labour council, etc...) and had the possibilities to see directly with them how the internal processes work.
It was a great experience that showed me how to improve our process to handle every situation.

Current Position

I manage and take care of immigration cases within Amaris
Since 2 years now I handle immigration cases on a European scope.
I accumulated knowledge to help people (European and non-European citizens) to get through the process when it is about to come working in Europe.
I work hand in hand with a lot of providers to make the process easier and fastest for our clients and candidates.

Here is an example of some of the difficulties that we encounter the most :
- Social Security
- Taxation
- Salaries simulation
- Multicultural adaptation
- And so on...

Main Motivations

Helping people to get through their international career
Firstly, I am a specialized on immigration law and comparative law between countries, but one of the thing to remember is that I am myself a traveller inside Amaris.

This company offer a lot of international opportunities and it is great to experiment those opportunities in order to help people according their mobility wishes.

My motivation is to help others as Amaris helped me at first to go through my dreams to work around.

Their will always be an Amaris country ready for you somewhere !

Top Advice

Every immigration process lead to a new adventure

Greatest Achievement

Helped to improve the legal watch on international regulations
Nowadays, all the companies have a desire of being implemented everywhere on the globe.
Amaris succeed this bet. But with success, there are always points of vigilance to keep in mind.
One of them is the ''legal watch''. When you start to have several entities around the world, it is important to keep an eye on the evolution of regulations and laws in each country.


Amaris is an independent, international Technologies and Management Consulting Group. Created in 2007, Amaris is already established in over 50 countries and supports more than 750 clients worldwide throughout their project's lifecycle. Our expertise covers five areas of innovation: Business and Management, Information Technologies, Engineering and High Technologies, Telecommunications and Biotech and Pharma. With more than 65 offices across the world, the Group offers proximity support to its clients in all their locations and many opportunities of international careers for employees.

In 2018, Amaris aims to reach a turnover of 260 million euros, 5000 employees and to develop its workforces with the anticipation of a further 2000 new job openings. We expect to triple our workforce within the next few years and reach a leading international position in independent consulting.

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