“ Is there any relocation support for expats? ”

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to Ysé D. Talent Acquisition Manager, Amaris

As I am willing to relocate to Vienna, is there any relocation support services for expats? Does the company has any Relocation Agents who can provide help for future employees?
Senior Talent Acquisiton Specialist, Amaris Group

Hi Cristian,

I hope my message finds you well and thanks for submitting your question. At Amaris Group we have an internacional Mobility Team helping or employees with permanent relocation. There could be some openings that will allow international professionals and this team will definitely be involved in deciding and aiding our professionals on this when possible. This will depend on the destination and origin country, restrictions and process for each, start date of the opening considering paperwork, and others.

We invite you to submit your application for the desired role and our team should review it and get back to you with an answer.


Prasanta C.

Would you please sponsor my work visa if needed to work in overseas countries? I am applying for Back office Manager in Amaris. Thank you.

Senior Talent Acquisiton Specialist, Amaris Group

Hi Prasanta,

Thanks for submitting your comment. Our team should review your application and contact you in case you meet the requirements for this opportunity. Should you be the selected candidate this will be discussed throughout the recruitment process.


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Thank you Carlos.

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