“ Hello Julie, I am applying for a manager position I. Colombia. Q: which have been your biggest challenge in Amaris? ”

Pamela E. asked a question in topic Life at the Company
to Julie M. Senior Manager, Amaris

Additional can you tell me about your experience in Amaris, what do you love about your job? And some tips if I am looking for this possition ?
Senior Manager, Amaris

Hello Pamela,

Great! I hope that my input below will be able to help you understand some aspects of the manager's role.

Regarding the challenge, I will link it with a previous discussion with Hélène B. On my side, the most challenging part of the role was actually at the very beginning. To be able to launch your activities, you will need to develop a broad network of potential customers, to call them, meet with them and their teams. To also build your credibility and positioning. This will require a lot of perseverance, rigor and resilience.

Once you have a strong start, developing your activities definitely becomes easier. My best advice for you is to ask about those challenges during your interview process and if you decide to move forward, to give your 200% from the beginning!

Regarding what I like about Amaris, there are many aspects. Starting with being able to fix to myself different objectives in terms of business, the thrill of developing activities by building relationships with customers and establishing strong collaborations. The human and interpersonal approaches bring a lot of instantaneous gratification. On the mid-term basis, I really appreciate the autonomy and trust we have as managers to suggest and develop initiatives. Finally on the long term basis, to have a vision on the development of your team, the company and your own career path is important, even more when you can have a positive impact on it.

My best tip for the interview itself is to be fully honest with yourself in terms of what you like and what you aspire to, as well as being transparent to the people you will meet during the interview.

Hope it helps!
Have a great interview.

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