“ How does Amaris consulting (Biotech and Pharma; HEMA) career hierarchy look like? ”

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Analyst, Health Economics And Market Access, Amaris

Hi Jasmine,

I think your question can be interpreted in two ways - please let me know if one of the following answers is more appropriate and I'd be happy to elaborate!

If you are referring to the career prospects after consulting, I think one of my previous responses to a discussion post could be helpful: "As the majority of HEMA consultants have previous experience and interest in the health care sector, this is the industry in which most careers progress. Should a colleague wish to leave Amaris, it is not uncommon for them to transition into industry (primarily pharmaceutical companies), government, or hospital and related networks."

Conversely, it you are more interested in the organizational structure of our department, I would be happy to provide more information related to that well. In brief, we are a team of approximately 80 people globally, with our main offices located in London, Toronto, Paris, Barcelona, and Jersey City. Each office has at least one team lead who is responsible for the people management and workload/capacity management of their consultants. We also have practice leads which are technically oriented and focused on a main area or project offering of interest.

Aaron C.

Are there any pharma/HEMA clusters in Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark) at Amaris? Or is most of the work done at the clusters you already mentioned?

Analyst, Health Economics And Market Access, Amaris

Hi Aaron, good question! At this time, our core HEMA offices are the ones that I have mentioned above, in addition to other offices we have recently opened in Shanghai and Sofia. We do have a business development team that is dedicated to the Nordics, and regularly win projects from pharma clients in that area - so even though we do not have a HEMA department in the Nordics at this time, that is not to say that we may not be willing to develop one in the future if it was seen as a business opportunity!

Aaron C.

Hi Travis, I'd be interested in the further information on your department's hierarchy. Thanks a bunch!

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