“ Why did you choose to work for Amaris instead of other companies? ”

Xavier C. asked a question in topic Career Choices
to Travis A. Analyst, Health Economics And Market Access, Amaris

Analyst, Health Economics And Market Access, Amaris

Hi Xavier, that's a great question! Two of my key criteria for choosing an employer are the company culture and opportunities for growth - these two things are what stood out for me with Amaris. During the interview process, I had a strong connection with my interviewers and had the opportunity to meet some of the Toronto staff. They seemed nice, vibrant, and engaging, which particularly appealed to me. Also, both the project and development opportunities were well highlighted throughout the interview process - Amaris was transparent in the philosophy of "if you want to take on this challenge, it's yours". Lastly, a new office located in the downtown core of Toronto didn't hurt!

HR Development Officer & HR Officer, AMARIS

Hello Xavier,

There is several reasons you could choose Amaris instead of another company. Regarding my experience, I chose the company because :
- I had a good experience during the recruitment process. The interview was like a dialogue, I felt that they wanted to know my experience but also me as a person
- This fast growing company was able to offer a million things to develop, projects were really attractive and the possibility to work autonomously was interesting
- Of the young people and the entrepreneurship mind they have. The way of thinking and the global environment is very important to me in a company and the relationship with colleagues also . Amaris were showing me all these sign during the interview... but it's also the feeling I had.

I wasn't wrong :)
Everybody is having specific requirements when working for a company. What are yours ? :)

Talent Acquisition Manager, Amaris

Hello Xavier, thanks for your question!
Why did I choose to work for Amaris? For several reason.
The first one is the entrepreneur mindset. I had the opportunity to take over an entire business line on the recruitment side and build it from scratch, hiring my team and work on an acquisition strategy.
The second one is the learning by doing philosophy. At Amaris you'll learn that making mistakes are ok, that's how you will learn and grow.
Last but not least, the international environment. We're 9 in my team now, from 6 different nationalities, how cool is that!
Hope it will help!

zied S.

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