“ Hello Emil, what are the most important soft skills for a consultant? ”

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Hi In Soon, nice to meet you. All the soft skills are important for a consultant. Based on my experience, the most important are communication and especially adaptability. During your career as a consultant, you probably will join several different working environments with people that have different backgrounds, and you need to adapt on those environments and how they work, but of course, bringing a plus that's you and your experience.
My best.

HR Development Officer & HR Officer, AMARIS

Hello Soon,

I'm taking the liberty to complete Emil G. answer as HR Development officer. He is right, a lot of soft skills are essential even more communication and adaptability. Also and depending on the project you will work on, autonomy is desired. Within Amaris we look for consultants that are willing to learn, are curious, great team player also and with great observation skills. As a consultant can evolve on a strategical and/or technical path, we expect from them a global understanding of the business and networking skills to develop their knowledge. As Emil G. said, it depends on your work environment, projects or development strategy defined.

Senior Talent Acquisiton Specialist, Amaris Group

Hi In Soon, and Team,

I hope my message finds you all well. I agree with Emil and Elea. Adaptability, communication skills, and autonomy are key skills we expect in our consultants.
To add more to it. Generally speaking, our professionals from any area in the business should be entrepreneurs and innovators. We want to onboard professionals that have a go-getter attitude and a willingness to improve and learn constantly. If you have an idea or suggestion, Amaris will want you to share it, and the team will gladly help in shaping your thoughts to reality. No wonder why being bold is one of our values.

I hope you find all of our responses useful.


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